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5 Tips For Stress-Free Moving

Consider these five tips to help your move be stress-free.

Hooray! You've settled on a new apartment or home, gotten through all the hair-pulling paperwork, and have the keys in hand. Now all you have to do is actually move from your old place to your new one . . . except that packing for the move is going to be more work and worry to drive you up the wall.

Will your friends help or will you have to do it yourself? Can you do it yourself? Should you try to rent a trailer or truck and move yourself, or would it be better to hire a moving company? How long will all this take?

Don't panic! Take a deep breath and pace yourself, and start with these five tips that will help you make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Following these tips will ensure you arrive at your new home more relaxed and ready to make your new place a home that you can truly enjoy.

1. Create a Moving Checklist

For those of you who have an aversion to checklists, call this your moving "must-haves." This is where you're going to start writing and tracking every packing idea, item, and reminder that comes to your mind. Take some time out to think through your move.

As things come to your mind, jot them down and keep your list in a place where you can easily add to it. Add things likes medicines, appointments, children, pets, items you want to keep, and items you want to get rid of. Do this as they come to your mind, and it will ensure that you cover as many details of your move as early as possible. With a clearer mind, you'll reduce your stress and sleep better.

When it comes to your mind . . . write it down!

2. Gather Moving Supplies As Early As Possible

Whether it's blankets for wrapping pictures and items you want to protect or tape and packing supplies, add these items to your "To Get" checklist and put things in place little by little.

3. Sort Through Your Belongings

Start going through your closets and make decisions about the items you find. Have you worn that piece of clothing or used that item in the last six months? If not, consider whether you really want or need to keep it. Moving provides you a unique opportunity to purge and organize in a way most of us seldom take the time to do. This is your opportunity—go for it!

Also consider where you're going to put these items once in your new home. Either mark your items or go ahead and start boxing your items with labels to identify where you want the item to go. The nature of the beast means that you'll be disorganzed enough, so this will save you a lot of time and headaches and ensure that you can find the things you really need.

4. Purge Unused and Unwanted Items

Decide what you're going to do with the items in your purge pile. Gather three trash bags, label them, and take action with the items you're going to get rid of.

Label one trash bag "Trash," then put in this bag the items your going to toss. Label a second bag as your "Donate" bag for any items you plan to donate. The third bag will be your "Sell" bag for the item from which you're going to earn some extra cash if possible.

5. Earn Some Extra Cash

This may not be what you're thinking. There are many ways to earn extra cash during your move, so take advantage of any that fit your time schedule and your needs. From yard sale to Craigslist to Amazon to posts in your office or local business, there are opportunities for you to sell items and earn extra cash.

For example, Amazon offers a TextBook Buyback program that will allow you to sell books directly to Amazon for a profit and Amazon will pay the shipping costs. If you have textbooks—or any unwanted book, for that matter—around your home, you'll want to look into this option. While checking Amazon's buyback program, notice other items they'll buy as well. It's not just Textbooks. Check it out.

That's Not All!

Stay tuned to our next article as we'll explore ways to make your planning, sorting, and packing as easy and stress-free as possible. We'll help keep you from feeling overwhelmed as you pack.

Send us a comment and let us know what most stresses you out about your move. We'll offer tips and ideas to get things under control.


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