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The Faces Behind Our Service

Big Brothers Big Sisters Octobeer Fest Pic 2016


When it comes to community service, we often forget that there are some incredibly special people waiting to benefit. And for our commuity of Winchester, Virginia, there is an opportunity before us to make a difference in the lives of some truly amazing people who need us to step up to the plate and serve.

Who are the amazing people who will benefit from this weekend's service and how will our efforts as a community make a difference?

You've likely heard that this weekend is Octobeer Fest in Winchester but have you stopped to really consider the difference your service and your participation in this event will have on our community?

A portion of every dollar spent on drinks at Octobeer Fest this Friday and Sat, Oct 14-15, 2016 will go to the work of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of North West Virginia.

And what does that mean?

That means that a portion of every dollar you spend on drinks will go directly to children who benefit daily from the work of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of North West Virginia.

These childre live in our community. These children hope for opportunities that many of us take for grant. These children have faces and names that we'd like to introduce you too today.

The children who come into the programs of Big Brother and Big Sisters are ages 6-12 and most stay with the program through senior high school because the relationships and the hope they get means that much to them.

These are trully special children indeed.

Many of these children are growing up in single parent homes, 30% have parents who are incarcerated, some are unable to read on their grade level and therefore, have very little chance to make it to college or into the workplace without a major struggle.

A part from the great work of Big Brothers and Big Sisters in our community, these children are at risk in every way.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of North West Virginia provides a safe place for children to connect with volunteers who love them, honor them, and respect them where they are.

Paired with a Big Brother or Big Sister, these precious children find friends, tutors, and role models who get involved in their daily lives. Taking the children on hikes, to community events, and to birthday parties...these children find a way of life that otherwise seemed out of reach.

But these aren't faceless children in our community. They have names. They have dreams. They long to be loved and at Big Brothes and Big Sisters, they find all of this and so much more.

Meet the children your dollars are going to serve this weekend.

Little Sister Kenya. Glue on her hands and a sparkle in her eye. Kenya enjoys the activities of the BigTime After School Program. Where else can she go and have this much fun being creative? Admit, it does look like fun, doesn't it?

Big Brothers Big Sisters Student 2

Little Sister Kenya

Meet Big Brother Marty and Little Brother Katravion. In the BigTime After School Program, Katravion takes his game of chess seriously. What a great opportunity for this young to develop his strategic thinking skills. Yet without the support of our community, how different things would be for Katravion. Thanks for being a Big Brother Marty. You're an inspiration to this young man and to our community...thank you!!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Student 3

  Big Brother Marty and Little Brother Katravion.

And finally, meet Big Brother Chuck and Little Brother Rahmyne. Now that's a smile that says, "Everything's gonna be ok!"  Wow!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Students 1

Big Brother Chuck and Little Brother Rahmyne

This Friday and Saturday Oct 14-15, 2016 provides the Mover Dudes Family and our community a unique opportunity to bring more smiles, more hope, and more relationships to the children of our community who need it most.

As you attend Octobeer Fest and put the glass to your mouth, see the faces of these children and in that moment, be grateful.

Be grateful for the resources you have and now you share so that the children of our community benefit.

A drink. A child. A life forever changed.

You are about a make a difference that will last well beyond your years. So go to Octobeer Fest, bring your family and friends. And everytime you make that drink purchase, do so willingly. Knowing that your purchase may forever change the life of a child who needs to know hope this day.

Thank you for joining the Mover Dudes Family and Big Brother and Big Sisters of North West Virginia in making a difference. You and your investment in our community is much appreciated. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

For more information about Big Brothers and Big Sisters of North West Virginia, contact Director Juli Ferrell at:  540-662-1043 (o)   540-533-2572 (c)  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or visit their website:

If you'd like to volunteer with a child or if you want to give a gift beyond the drinks you'll purchase this weekend, there are children in our community ready to say THANK YOU! 

What will you do to make a difference in the life of a child in our community?

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