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13 Holiday Moving Tips

Planning to move during the winter holidays? Given the season, it probably makes sense that holiday moving is almost always more prone to problems than at other times of year, so some moving tips specific to this time of year are not out of line. Unless you like the idea of holiday moving being complicated, follow these holiday moving tips to help make your move successful and maintain your holiday cheer.

Holiday moving tips can ensure your move is uncomplicated.

1. Send holiday cards with your new address. If you are sending holiday cards, use your new address as the return address and mention your move in the card.

2. Verify that your utilities will be on when you arrive at your new home. A white Christmas is magical . . . unless you have no heat.

3. Do not pack winter supplies. Items such as ice scrapers, snow shovels, winter coats, etc. should be packed in a separate bag that will be available if needed.

4. Keep your driveway and sidewalks safe & clear. You will need to keep safe and clear paths to and from your home while moving. Consider salting the areas ahead of time. Remember, this applies to both homes.

5. Regularly monitor the weather reports. If there is any winter weather heading your way, you will want to know so you can adjust your plan accordingly. Remember to monitor your origin, destination, and the route in between if you are leaving the area.

6. Have holiday decorations ready to be packed. If you want to leave decorations up before you move, set some boxes or storage totes aside for them. You can also purchase some inexpensive decorations that are easy to pack.

7. Keep temperature-sensitive items in mind. For example, extreme cold can cause china or crystal to crack.

8. Use the holidays as an excuse to get to know your new neighbors. Say hi while decorating the outside of your home, or bring them a small gift to spark a conversation.

9. Consider moving holiday gifts yourself. Instead of packing them in a moving truck with the rest of your belongings, consider packing them in the family vehicle. This way, you can ensure the protection of your holiday gifts, and they will be among the first things unpacked.

10. Purchase gifts ahead of time. Moving is already stressful enough, there is no need to add on the last-minute stress of finding that special gift. Especially if it is one of the Fingerlings.

11. Have gifts delivered to your new home. Providing the delivery date lines up with your move-in date, consider having holiday gift orders shipped to the new home to help avoid confusion.

12. Find nearby holiday events in the community. If you will be on the road during the holidays, an online search to find holiday events along your route or at your destination that your family can attend helps ensure you do not miss out on the fun and magic of the holiday.

Even holiday moving tips can't fix everything. Save yourself time and energy and dine out with your family. What matters is that you're together.13. Consider dining out. Instead of the big home-cooked family dinner, take a break this year. Go out to a nice restaurant with your family and enjoy the meal.

If you’ve already had to do some holiday moving and wish you had been able to take advantage of these or other moving tips, remember that it’s the season of giving. So please give generously—share your holiday moving tips and experiences with us on social media or in the comments section below.

Holiday moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Let these moving tips help your move be stress-free.

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